Eight Below

eight-below.jpgAfter some weeks never go to cineplex 21, finally yesterday we go to Wijaya 21. Hmm, actually i dont quite interesting and excited with the movie. But it’s ok just to have fun with my boyfriend. What can i say bout the movie? It’s white surrounding. I thought that i’m gonna cry a lot when i saw it (disney movie with animals used to make me cry), but no it’s not. It’s an ordinary movie. What i kept in my mind is that we have to wait for several minutes to watch the movie (i dont know exactly why, is it because the operator was sleeping or what) and there are only limited viewer.

Ok, now let’s start to discuss about the movie

Title: Eight Below
Release : February 17th, 2006
Director : Frank Marshall
Writer : David DiGilio, Mike Rich
Starring: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Jason Biggs, Moon Bloodgood, Wendy Crewson, Gerard Plunket
Studio : Walt Disney Pictures
Genre : Action, Adventure Official
Site: www.8belowmovie.com
Tagline : The Most Amazing Story Of Survival, Friendship, and Adventure Ever Told

Adapted from NANKYOKU MONOGATARI (English = “South Pole Story”; Japanese movie released in the U.S. as Antarctica in 1983), this film is based on a true story when Japanese scientist had trapped in Antartica in 1957.

It is about the friendship between Jerry Shepherd (Paul Walker) and his eight Siberian dogs. One day, they have to go to Merlbourne Mountain to accompany Davis (Bruce Greenwood), a geologist who tried to find stone from Mercurius. The exploration goes very dreadful and dramatic since the dogs had save Davis from falling into the icy water. The real story is began. With the news about the bad storm, they have to go asap from that place. At first, Jerry didnt wanna leave his dogs alone. But the truth about many things (no place for the dogs, need doctor asap to cure Davis n his injured hands, his friends promise to go back soon) pushed him to do that. Day by day, suddenly he woke up. The first thing which come up from his mind is the dogs. He was very angry when he found out the dogs is still alone. He tried to find many ways to go back to Antartica when later he found only some of the dogs that’re alive.

Facts about the film:

  • Frank learned the life cycle of the dogs form Susan Butcher, 4th winner of snow dog racing.
  • The shoot location in Smithers, British Columbia and Greenland. It is minus 25 Fahrenheit (approximately minus 31,6 Celcius!)
  • Mike Alexander, the trainer, had to trained the dogs in California for three months with 20 other trainers.

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