KartinidayIf you were still in elementary school, you will rejoice this day. When you had to wear a traditional clothes. You will have a celebration of what we call emancipation of a woman. Ok, we're not talking about the emancipation itself. After you work like this, do you still remember about this Ibu Kita Kartini celebration? Me myself would not remember if the television was not campaigning the ad about how she brought the light into woman life. It suddenly gasped me when i read one of my friend's posting about Kartini and how we treat her.

Here is her posting :

Friends, I went to a kartini celebration last Sunday. It was a mixed activities from both Indonesian students and permanent residents here in Adelaide. Quite good celebration though, with lots of 'traditional' food served. Anyway, that's not what I'm gonna talk about. What makes me thing is my friend's comment when I asked this person to come along with me. This person said that Kartini day seemed to be only for Javanese. It's only about Kartini's novel idea of liberating women from cultural pressures. In fact, there were other noble women warrior outside Java, who did not only give out their ideas, but also put a direct struggle, such as being the leader of a fight in the highseas during the Dutch colonization. We don't even know who the person was, except the local people who know the story from their great great grandmas or grandpas. It seems that all this thing is too Javanese oriented. It seems that we only consider things which happen in Java. Indonesia does not only consist of Java, there are thousands other islands outside Java. Are we Javanese being chauvinist? Thinking high of ourselves? not letting other tribes to get into our national system?Does Indonesia consist of Java plus East Java (people seems to separate East Java from Java in general)?  Where are the salutation for other noble women? Probably, we think that kartini is only the representation of thousands of women who had put effort in liberating women in Indonesia. But, after so long, why didn't we hear other names praised for their struggle?

Sori, klo bahannya too serious, aku cuma pengen share aja n looking forward to get ur ideas about it. It's really a different experience living with multi-cultured society in which opinions are highly appreciated.

It shocked me when somebody thought it was just being chauvinisme to celebrate Kartini day. We used to celebrate this day. We used to thought that she's the only Indonesian women who got the candle.

Imho, apart form my being Javanese (i do proud of being one) i appreciate her existence. What i remember is her struggle to make Indonesian women in the same position with guy. With her book "DOOR DUISTERNIS TOT LICHT (Bahasa = Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang), she shared her idea to the world. She teached, she learned, she read a lot. Really, we can make her as our idol isnt it? Or maybe you still like Britney or J-Lo as your idol? The choice is in your hand …


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