Weekend with my Sister

Weekend with my Sister

Me and My SisterSenin, 8 Mei 2006
God, i still miss my comfortable bed. I feel that i'm exhausted after i spent my weekend with my sister. She's here just for two days. And that is a very short time to explore jakarta and to share any news bout us.This weekend really exhausted but lots of fun.

With limited time, we have to arrange our need in a tight schedule (hmm, ternyata bukan kerjaan aja yang tight schedule) and after lots of discussion (well, actually I was the decision maker) we agree to go to Blok M, Bengkel, and Dufan. 

First Day (Saturday, 6 May 2006).
I have to picked them up in Gambir Stasiun. 8 am, i was there to find that my sister and her boyfriend had already waited for several minutes. After taking a bath (my sister and Hendra) –  breakfast in Mirah (kekenyangan sampai gak bisa jalan) – bought clothes for Hendra in Ramayana (he lost his shirt in UKM, payah deh … kebiasaan UKM) – went to RS Tebet (mas Ical ketabrak di Ford Cawang dan patah tulang leher, jadinya aku jadi saksi utk CT Scan), akhirnya petualangan kitapun dimulai.

Hmm, can't u image to go to somewhere that u dont know exactly in Jakarta? That's what i feel when we have to accompany Hendra to find his cousin's house. It was really in the middle of nowhere. I never image that there's a spot like that in Jakarta. Gang Dame – Tanah Merah – Kelapa Gading, that's the place where we went that day.

Blablabla, akhirnya kita meluncur juga ke Blok M Plaza. One impression, i had to wait for a half an hour just to have my Maghrib prayer. Walking round n round, my sister tried to find some cute things for her friends in many accesorries shops there.

Next destination, 11 pm – Bengkel Night Park. One hour of playing pool and 1,5 hour for enjoying the music in the cafe. 2.30 am, we finally home (wow, pagi bgt ya, my parents bakalan marah if they found out).

7 May,
woke up n in a hurry to  go to Dufan. Hummph, i still wanna sleep … Ok ok, i wake up. DOnt worry, i'll go with u. Dan aku sudah meluncur ke Dufan setelah sarapan dengan mie yang aku buat untuk anak2 cowok yang manja itu.

Dufan i'm coming ….
Sebenarnya, sedikit sayang untuk memberikan 350rb hanya untuk memasuki Dufan. But what else can we do. 70rb for each person, that's fix price. Honestly, i'm not too excited to go to Dufan. Well, the last time i go there is 14th of Feb 2005 and my bf made me cried coz he asked me to join Wahana Kora-kora (pls, i dont wanna take that wahana again).So, i just being a photographer there. It's my sister and Hendra who took a lot of Wahana. I just joined some of them : Meteor Attack (we have to wait for more than one hour just to sit in 4D games just for 5 minutes duration), Perang Bintang (i won with 14000 score, horray!!!!), Rumah Cermin (i lost several times), and other wahanas. We had limited time to explore Dufan coz at 3 pm, we had to met the others in exit door. We had to catch the train ….

5.50 in Gambir
Gajayana train had just go at 5.30. What a pity!!! So, my sister took Sembrani to Sby and go to Mlg with bus. I myself had already exhausted, i was only hoping for my comfortable bed. Thanks God, i didnt have to take taxi to go home. I really could sleep easily.

7pm. Finally, i'm in my boarding house. Exhausted and ready to explore the dream 🙂

The end of the weekend … it's fun n exhausted. Get ready for another busy weekdays!!!


1 Response to “Weekend with my Sister”

  1. 1 silvia
    May 13, 2006 at 2:37 am

    hehe….asik jg ceritanya…
    aku pengen d’Dufan lg, pengen naek Meteor Attack, kalo dah keluar pengen msk lg, keluar lagi, masuk lg, smpe bosen, tp kayaknya g bakalan bosen dech… udah segitu aja dulu mbk… ak jadinya ga ngerjain tgs neeh…

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