UU Lift

Beberapa hari yang lalu, detik mengulas berita tentang UU Lift. D'u know what is this? Sounds a little bit weird, isnt it? UU Lift is some rules for DPR member, its staff, and its guest. There are 6 lifts in the gedung Nusantara I (kompleks DPR, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan) where DPR members used to have a meeting. Only two lifts are allowed for the guest and staff. While the rest of four are belongs to the honourable DPR members. Of course, this rules direct into some argumentation. The percentage of the members and staff-guest is higher than the DPR members. They have to wait for about 20 minutes for the lift. Can u imagine? No wonder some of the staffs complained about their being late because of it. When the authority explained about this case. They said that it is a policy for safety. It is to make a limitation and filterizatition. This building is a place for DPR members to have an important meeting (they used to do it in 20th floor) and not everybody allowed to go there. So, hopefully with this lift policy, it will be more safe. Hmmm, maybe they afraid that somebody will bomb that building, isnt it?

What do you think about that guys? In my opinion, it is okey to create such policy, but make it more felxible. Those honourable DPR member didn't have meeting the whole time, isnt it? Why dont they open the 6 lifts for publics when there are no meeting. And when there's a meeting, dont u think equal 3 and 3 is not enough? 3 lifts fot public and the rest for the DPR members. This will be more fair, isnt it? Or maybe it is true that DPR members are very honourable until they should receive the policy of not respecting other people.


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