Shalat atau Korupsi

There's some interesting point of view when i was watching sinetron some days ago. One of the character ask about heaven, shalat, and korupsi. She asked "Ada yang shalat tapi mereka tetap korupsi gimana donk? Apa mereka bisa masuk surga? Padahal katanya orang yang gak shalat masuk neraka. Lebih baik mana gak shalat  tapi gak korupsi atau shalat tapi tetep korupsi? Kan mendingan kayak saya, gak shalat tapi gak korupsi dan tetap berbuat baik bagi sesama". Hmm, lets think about it, guys. What will you answer for that question. What will you do after you hear that.

Setidaknya pertanyaan tersebut membuat kita sejenak berpikir. In that movie, many persons (in fact some ustad) cannot answer that question. Everybody always said that u have to do your 5 times prayer to raise heaven. But do you think it's enough? Just by praying you will go to heaven?

Well, do you forget that we have to keep balance about two things in our life? It is our relationship to Allah (habluminallah — bener gak ya ejaannya?) and our relationship to other people (habluminnannas — ejaan klo gak salah ya?). We should maintain a good relationship both vertically and horizontally. Try to be a useful person in ur neighbourhood or at least if could not be one, pls behave nice. My mom used to say that i should be aware of my surroundings. Maybe that's one way to be one. Actually there're many ways to keep a good relation. Let's say : dont be selfish (i do sometimes), give a bright smile (cemberut kan gak enak dilihat, hehehe …. tapi aku suka cemberut), suka menolong (hmmm, terlalu broad ya), trus apalagi donk. Ayo tambahin …..


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