Not Again please …

Monday, a day to start your long weekdays. SUrely, u wanna wake up fresh and relax, ready to face the new challenge. On the contrary, today i woke up in surprised to find out that my bf PDA has gone. I woke up coz i've got a call form my bf. On 4.30, that's not an ordinary time to wake up. I asked him why he called me in so early time and he said that he didnt. It's not him. How come? Then, we realized that the call was not from his cell. It's from his PDA. That the time when we began to search it. And it's gone. It's not in its place anymore. I started to trembling. C'mon it's just a joke, maybe he forgot to put it somewhere. My hope is vanished when one of my friends suddenly said that he also lost his handphone. God, this is getting serious. The thief had succeed to take one PDA and 2 handphones.

Hey, this is impossible. How could the thief enter the house. It's on the 2nd floor, he should climbed or jumped the fence to do that. Till now i still thought that it's impossible. Many persons thought that it's surely a person who really understood our custom n behaviour. He should be someone in the boarding house. C'mon, who is he? the one who dare to do that?My bf said that there's no footsteps in the wall. He shouldnt climbed the wall.

There's many scenario in this case:

1. The thief is somebody in the boarding house
Proof : the handphone suddenly turned off when jeff and aan go down trying to seek it. No footstep is the wall or fence. Mas Yudhi still awaked doing his homework. He did it in limited time (from 12.30 – 2.30).

2. The thief was somebody who worked beside the boarding house (the house in the left of my boarding house was developed)
Proof : he knew when we were all asleep. the handphone suddenly turned off when jeff and aan go down trying to seek it.

3. Something like tuyul or any other superstitious thing
This idea came from Mia. She said that it was impossible to do such things if he was a human being. Me myself was not believe such things.

We also concluded that he was not a proffesional thief. It was because he didnt turned off the handphone and PDA. He called me (eventhought it's accidentally) when tried to use the PDA. He didnt take any other things (there're TV, DVD Player, Computer, etc).

Well, can u guess who was the thief then? It's am easy case for SHerlock Holmes (as Mia said). Do you think so?


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