Poor and Rich

When I was a little child, i remember that i was always asking to everybody and God, why there’re poor people, why there’re disaster, why not everybody cannot feel happy. I blamed God at that time, I said that He’s not fair. He only gives the happiness to the rich people. He didn’t care to many poor people in the street, in the bank river, in the corner of the city. God was not fair. He was cruel.

Today, i met another poor granny. I was sitting in 612 to go to my office. We were in red light waiting exactly in the left corner of the street. I watched her walking from another side of the road. I thought that she’s gonna cross the street. But suddenly she entered the 612 and i still tought that she’s gonna sit in many empyty chair beside me. Hmm, i was wrong again. She still stood in front of the aisle. She started to give the empty envelope. Well, ok. I accepted the envelope, while some of the passenger directly refuse to accept it. I was wondering what is stated in it. Hahaha, I almost laughed when i read that. U know what, the envelope stated that she needed the money to continue to school. Can’t u imagine it? A granny going to a school. I’m not molested or curse her, but ‘give me a break’, are you joking or what. It’s a similar envelope that used by those ‘anak jalanan’. That i felt so pity, i could be she cannot even read the envelope. She was another victim of this city. She’s just trying to earn more money to eat or maybe for her grandchilren. After she finished with the envelope, she stood back in the aisle and began to sing some notes with her ‘krincingan – a musical tool created from bottle crowns’ that barely i cannot hear it at all. I really have no gut to watch her face.I just watched her feet, her hands, her clothes, figure out more about her but not her complexion. God, she’s very old already, she’s wearing ‘sandal jepit’, grey skirt, red shirt, black veil, black hat, and a little black bag. But she’s tough still to jump and entered the rude kopaja and bus in Jakarta. God, I only able to give some of my money. I believe that You gonna protect her, for everything happens by Your will, I do believe that You gonna guide her.

Then I realized now, that God is so kind. He creates everything vice-versa. For every evil there’s must be a good. For there’s a poor, there’s must be a rich. evil-good. poor-rich. happy-sad. What will happen if there’s only a rich people in this world, maybe everybody just gonna after for money and money. They wont care about others or even to theirself. What will happen if there’s only happiness or only sadness. Those feelings is empty if we never experience the pair.

For God has creates us as a khalifah in this world. Hand in hand together to face the life. For every moslem is a brother n sister. For every money that we got is an amanah, not just to make our life better but also to make the others’ life better. So… will you always help the others? Even one thousand rupiah will help them.


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