Ballons in a box

shindigs-th01.jpgWhat do you want for your birthday present? Ballons can be sth cute to have. Especially when your beloved gave the present (hiks, it makes me remember sth …). I just viewed a cute website about ballons delivery. Cute coz it has pink to purple tone colour, and the items are also cute. So girly 🙂 I wonder if sb gave those kinda present for me … Well, ok. Let’s skip this part. Let’s go to the big idea : the website of Ballons in the Box

First impression is cute. Tapi kemudian bingung. Karena gak tau mo diapain lagi. Di menu bagian atas langsung ada menu-menu common yang ada pada shopping menu, sedangkan di main menu hanya ada option items yang bisa di pilih dan dikombinasikan. I’m looking for the Help menu. Well, ternyata setelah di scroll down, i found it. They are treated as secondary menus. Hmm, it’s not quite good navigation for a first user like me. The design is simple but easy. You can find the products easily and you can choose the package from the drop down menu. And most of the products are cute. Waaaaa, I really want one ;))

Overall, i like the website, esp the colour (so subjective, isnt it?)


1 Response to “Ballons in a box”

  1. August 6, 2006 at 3:12 pm

    Helium balloons and balloon bouquets delivered by post, what a great idea. Has anyone used this site yet? I am going to place an order for a helium balloon for my boyfriends birthday – he’s going to love it!

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