Who is me? Who is Risna?

I am a commoner.
Born in Malang, a pretty little city in East Java Indonesia. I’m proud being a Javanese.
Working in Jakarta, buzzing around with website development. Never stop learning in this field.
Having an always tough life coz problems never stop coming.

Who is me?

I love my family, my parents are the one that i respect so much.
My siblings are the people that i care much.
I treat my friends as my treasure, they give me colour in my life with their various characteristics.
I’m looking for my soulmate, the love that i’m gonna grab forever. The beloved that gonna spare my life till death do us part.

Who is me?

God gives me a wonderful life.
I never stop thanks Him for everything that I have.
I believe that He always gives me the best, eventhough I do complain sometimes.
I never afraid to continue my life because of Him.

Who is me? Who is Risna?
I am a commoner.
Who’s trying to give something to the world.
I know I cannot make everybody happy, but I do strive to make sb that I love happy.


1 Response to “Who is me? Who is Risna?”

  1. 1 Slamet
    July 31, 2006 at 8:25 pm

    just admiring your wordplay:

    whoisme …

    equals to JK Rowling’s


    perfect answer that is..

    Who is me? you (always) know who.

    in other words, you know me, me know you, and know-know-an each other.

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