Work to Live

Deadline, deadline and deadline. Maybe only that crossed in his mind. His day and time is fulled with work. He even had no time to sleep and take a deep rest. And the peak was when he sent me an sms asking for what are we’re living for. I never forget that question even some times until that happen.

Have you ever have a thought about work and life? Some people are trapped in their job. Cannot even have time to spend for something else. Like they do not have any other world beside their job. Twenty four hours, seven days a week just for their work and job. Dont you think that’s good? For some people they said that it’s for their career, for their future. But i dont think so?

Just like what Koran said, that the time that we have is running. You have to use it wisely coz it never go back again to you. Wise… Keep it your mind. It has to be wise. Let’s define this word first then we can analyze it deeper.

Wise … wise here is keep the balance. And what is balance here? As a human being, we have to keep our relationship vertically and horizontally. Dont you ever forget to thanks Him – the Al Mighty. But also dont you forget to socialize with others. Be with your community. And the last (but the most important thing … ), dont you forget about your couple. Her/his is your spirit behind. Keep the balance and you will be always feel tough no matter how big is the rock in front of you.

Well, doesnt it like it is easy? I tell you what, bro! It’s not easy at all. Using the time wisely is hard, especially when you try it to make it balance. The rocks in front is getting much and much variative.

So what you’re gonna do now? Do you work to live or live to work?

This world is keep revolving, once you decide not to be part of it, you’ll gonna be kicked out.

Be ready, honey….


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