Web sites should …

The Web is an interactive, dynamic, and rapidly changing new communications medium that your Web site should reflect. Well-organized, edited, and timely original content set in an attractive, interactive, and consistent format are some traits of great Web sites.
Original content is the most important trait of a great Web site.

  1. Provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible.
  2. Provide valuable, timely information to the user, not lots of data.
  3. Share everything you learn
  4. Custom-tailor the information to user preferences.
  5. Customize and target your content/site to your users. Think “one-to-one” Web sites.


  1. Use graphics sparingly to convey information.
  2. Break up your tables vertically for a cascading load to appear more responsive.
  3. Optimize graphic file size for Web display (a maximum of 20 KB per graphic).
  4. Optimize your HTML by removing excess spaces, comments, tags and commentary, especially on your home page, to minimize file size and download time.
  5. Be responsive on a 56 Kbps modem (the typical Web user).
  6. Have a secure and automated server


  1. Be easy to read.
  2. Be interactive; good interactivity engages the user and makes your site memorable.
  3. Be well-organized

Source : http://www.webreference.com/greatsite.html


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