Journey to My Portege

Working mobile for the recent months really is a hard job. Dealing with many files to manage and along with its tracking history, demand me to have a good file management. So, a good device is really a thing to consider deeply.

In the first month, I used a 1GB Pendrive flashdisk. And it works fine until I found that it was such a wasting time to re-arrange my email twice everyday (morning in my office’s pc and night at my home pc). I only used my flasdisk for the files but not my email, while in fact most of my works are dealing with a bunch of email messages. But actually using this flashdisk is quite fine, as there is no hardware problem occurred. The tiny size is also a great help for my mobility. The price was quite expensive when I bought it, this is because at that time the average flashdisk still in 128MB and 254MB. So, having a 1GB flashdisk is really something precious.

myusbSome pros is the color, yes it is a clear white, but in some days it will began to change into grey and look not good. Anyway, I still love it and like to use it if only my files is not increasing rapidly to more than 1GB.

With the recommendation from my beloved, I bought an external harddisk portable. I plan to use the portable apps application so that I can have my portable Thunderbird. Well, this wonderful plan in truly a gate to my nightmare. Everything moved as planned, I had my portable work both my files and Thunderbird nicely. But … it only last for not more than 2 (two) months. One day, my office PC cannot recognized it. I tried to called my beloved and tried to calm down. With the hope of my home PC can recognize it, I still face my day with smile.

hdd.jpgMy beloved have been using this kinda similar hardware for almost a year and bring it all over the cities in Soundrenaline event, so I started to say that maybe I’ve done something incorrectly.

Sadly at home, I experienced the same thing. My home PC cannot recognized it!!! My beloved tried to fix it the whole evening, but failed. So … bye bye bye my files. Hiks …

Trying to go back to my USB and still find it not enough, so I borrowed my beloved harddrive portable. Some days it worked fine, but I made another mistake. It experience exactly the same thing with my portable. Damn … I have to go back to my USB then.

Days to days thinking the best thing to do to. I decided to bought a notebook. Well, actually I did plan to have one, but not in a rush. This problem has changed it. I tried to make my mind that I really have to buy a notebook soon.

In short, everything went so well that I have to thank God a million times for that. After some survey and polling, I decided to buy Toshiba Portege M500. I chose this as it is portable, shock resistant, and strong.

portege.jpgHere is the short spec of it: Core 2 Duo T5200, 512MB DDR2, 80GB HDD, DVD±RW, 56K Modem, NIC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, VGA Integrated 128MB (shared), 12.1″ WXGA, Win Vista Home Basic.

So, here I am now. Typing in my Portege. Feeling so excited and happy … It is the best tool to support my mobility work and hope that I will never experience any hardware problem again. Amien …


2 Responses to “Journey to My Portege”

  1. 1 Pacar
    June 14, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Dooooo notebook baru pamer ya bu …..

  2. October 31, 2007 at 3:37 am

    “Core 2 Duo T5200, 512MB DDR2, 80GB HDD, DVD±RW, 56K Modem, NIC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, VGA Integrated 128MB (shared), 12.1″ WXGA, Win Vista Home Basic.”

    well… it’s some kinda ngilering thing!!!! well… i’ve got this kinda stuff also, it’s just still in my head, i’ve bled myself to get it out of it, and i always fail to do so… hehehe…

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