Book: macho man ngomong cong..!!!


Nice ending !

That’s what I said after I finished reading this book. Curious to read when I saw the review in www.kutukutubuku.com but still got no time to buy it (well, actually I can buy it online, but since I just bought some books online I really want to go to a ‘real’ bookstore. Finally, I saw this book again when I went to Kinokuniya last week. Me myself was already curious plus my BF which is more than curious so I decided to buy it.

Reading this book is like opening a gate to another point of view. Well, I have once  a friend who is a gay and have no problem with it, but I always curious how his brain is thinking (hmm, with regard to this. I do not have any intention to humiliate or something, but I just feel that this is unordinary – a.k.a not normal). And when I read this, I know more and more about this third gender. Most of the stories will make you laugh, but some also make me disgusting. My BF decided not to continue his reading because of this disgusting reason while Bene said that it’s funny but afraid that her girlfriend will questioned his orientation.

So, what’s inside the book? It’s a compilation of short stories. About a life of a gay named Fa. Mostly about his love life. Also some excerpt of his past. and his dreams. Well, you just need to read it, but you can take a sneak peak at the blog at http://machomanngomongcong.blogspot.com/

As what Bene asked me, what will you get after you read this book. Hmm, let’s count it:

One – It makes me realized that we have to be ourselves. Be yourself and you will enjoy your life. Do not be somebody that you think people will like. We cannot make everybody happy.

Two – Life is hard, so let’s make it simple by not grumbling this and that. Live your life and face your problems. Trying to avoid your problem is not a solution.

Third – Respect other people and you will not regret it.

In short, I like this book 🙂


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